Warranty Information

Many of the items we sell do not have factory warranty. We offer a two year parts and labor warranty on refrigerators that are two years old or newer and one year warranty if they are older than two years. This warranty covers any failure of the sealed system functions or operational components. Other items such as ovens, dishwashers, cooktops and ice machines get varying warranties from 6 months to one year. Everything we sell gets a warranty when sold and delivered locally. Hi/Lo Appliance is not liable for damaged caused by misuse, neglect or shipping. Some items do come with what is called functional factory warranty. When the model and serial tag are present on a scratch n dent item the warranty covers everything but the physical damage (dents on the unit, etc..). However, if the refrigerator flashes or beeps the "call service" notice, or is not cooling properly, then factory service will be dispatched based on the normal warranty provisions.

Hi/Lo Appliance strives to sell a quality product at a lower cost. This is done by purchasing new factory reject (scratch & dent or service failure items) or used items and repairing any problems they may have and reselling them. Most of the time these items DO NOT have FACTORY WARRANTY. This is because the unit has been replaced at factory cost and the replaced unit has its tags removed so it cannot cause any further losses in the warranty system. Sometimes the repairs are complicated while other times they may be simple. Often it is logistically easier and wiser for the vendor to replace such an expensive item rather than cause a customer any further inconvenience.

Hi/Lo Appliance provides warranty locally on all of the items we sell. However, it is impossible to provide warranty on items sold outside of our local area. Please note that we have been shipping these builtin refrigerators and other related appliances all over the continental US without warranty and have maintained 100% Ebay feedback under the user name "HI/LOAPPLIANCE". We are also members of the BBB including their online program. While we have had to correct little problems occasionally, we have never had a complaint levied in our BBB program. We strive to make sure that all items we sell are worthy of our good warranty regardless of whether it is delivered locally or shipped abroad. We ship as far as Hawaii and Canada.

After the warranty expires or without warranty we encourage you to call us first if you experience a problem with an appliance you purchased from us. We are happy to help you trouble-shoot problems as a courtesy before calling for service that might repair or charge you more than is necessary. Sometimes little things can occur that are easily handled by the homeowners who prefer to save money rather than pay for a service call.

Return policy:
All sales are final. In the event that a wrong merchandise is ordered. it is the customer’s ultimate responsibility to know what size and type of appliances are needed at their intended location. We can make an attempt to swap into alternative units if they are available in these cases. If no alternative units are available we will charge a 25% restocking fee at time of refund.

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