Want to turn your relic appliance into a timeless beauty? Hi/Lo Appliance specializes in repair, restoration and sales of older model and antique appliances. We'll even locate that special appliance you've been looking for. Be sure to check out the antiques product log to see if we already have your item in stock.

The GE Monitor refrigerating machine is the earliest electric refrigerator. Different versions of the Monitors were produced until the late 1930s. These built to last refrigerators are the most popular request for real retro kitchen ensembles. They are also seen in many game rooms and parlors. One of our favorites is the stainless looking Monitor. We have accomplished the stainless look on the Monitor and can repeat the process on most of the earlier Monitors. Make one of these the crown jewel of your kitchen or game room.

Another favorite is the Chambers Gas Range. These well built units were designed with simmer burners; a feature that is typically only seen in the more expensive types of professional ranges even today. The nickel plating and rich porcelain surfaces seal Chambers' fate as the most sought after antique range.
Okeefe & Merritt is a close second to Chambers. They too are well built, boasting simmer burners, nickel-plating and many other interesting features.

Whether it's a new compressor, new paint, fresh chrome or the location of hard to find antique appliances or parts, Hi/Lo Appliance can turn that relic into a functional and beautiful addition to your kitchen or parlor ensemble.



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